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Pestek Pest Control provide professional pest control services in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All prices are fixed, and will be confirmed over the phone before I attend your property. Pestek Pest Control provide professional pest control services in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All prices are fixed, and will be confirmed over the phone before I attend your property. Pestek Pest Control provide professional pest control services in Leeds, West Yorkshire. All prices are fixed, and will be confirmed over the phone before I attend your property.
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Bed Bug Treatments Leeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby

Bed Bug Treatments Leeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby
Bed Bug Control

Pestek provide domestic and commercial bed bug control services in Leeds, Ilkley, Otley & Wetherby. I guarantee to remove every last bed bug from your home or business.

Experts in the control of bed bugs

I have developed a bed bug eradication service which can clear light infestations of bed bugs in one simple treatment. We are so confident in our procedures that we are able to guarantee all bed bug treatments providing you follow a few simple guidelines. There are many companies offering bed bug control. but not many who will guarantee to completely eradicate the bed bug infestation.

Our bed bug eradication process consists of 3 stages. Inspection , Preparation, Eradication.

Step 1 Inspection

Before I can start the treatment I first need to be sure that the problem is with bed bugs and not carpet beetles, fleas, woodlice, fluff and crumbs, yes I am occasionally handed samples of food debris collected from on or around the bed that the home owner thought were bed bugs.

Step 2 Preparation

Once I am sure that we are in fact dealing with bed bugs the preparation can begin.

the preparation needed before the treatment can begin will depend on how advanced the infestation is, I will advice what is required after assessing the situation.

Step 3 Treatment

The treatment involves the application of a carefully selected residual, non repellent professional grade insecticide to areas where bed bugs may be hiding. The whole process takes between one and three hours per room and is 100% successful.

It sounds simple but many pest control companies find bed bugs impossible to completely eradicate.

Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs are something every hotel should take seriously. Just one report on a web site such as trip adviser could very easily tarnish a hotels hard earned reputation.

Following a successful clear inspection a certificate of inspection will be issued. Should activity be noted during our inspection we will advise what steps should be taken to clear the problem. Post treatment a second inspection can be provided and if successful a certificate issued.

Bed Bug Bites

We have all heard the familiar phrase, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite. You may have noticed tiny red spots on your body, blood stains on the sheets or black spots in various places. Could this be the work of those bed bugs our mothers warned us about?
The result of a bed bug feeding is usually a raised red bump or welt on the external surface of skin. While feeding the bed bug injects an anaesthetic into its host which in turn creates an allergic reaction which creates the bumps or welts.

Where do bed bugs come from

Bed bugs are generally introduced into a property via luggage or personal belongings that have become infested elsewhere usually whilst on holiday or while staying in hotels, places that have been traditionally associated with an increased risk for housing bed bugs due to their higher rate of turnover and continual influx of temporary residents.
Bed bugs can also be picked up inadvertently through bringing infested furniture into a household. Though such furniture does not necessarily have to have been previously owned or discarded as even brand new furniture can be exposed to bedbugs during storage or in delivery vehicles.

Many insects are capable of biting humans but bed bug bites are usually in groups of 2 or 3 closely related sites of puncture. Not all reactions to bed bug bites are the same, some people just experience the itchiness while many won't react at all.

What to look for

When searching for bed bugs the first place to take a look is the mattress and bed base, pay particular attention to the head board side of the bed. Check all areas including furniture, picture frames and wall floor junctions within 2 meters of the bed. A tell tale sign of bed bug activity are stains that resemble ink spots. The spots are processed blood that has passed through the insect.

Why Bed Bug Treatments Fail

I often receive calls from homeowners who have had a failed bed bug treatment. Hopefully this page will prevent the same happening to you. Asking the right questions will not only save you money but will prevent a small bed bug problem becoming a multiple room infestation.

In the UK there are hundreds of insecticides available, how does the pest controller choose which one to select? Many take the advice of the pest control product suppliers which usually involves using several different products and repeating the process regardless of the level of infestation, others will simply use the cheapest. The leading bed bug control companies will have spent hundreds of hours researching the affects of different insecticide actives and formulation, many will have even conducted experiments to determine which products work and which ones don't. Product selection is one of the most important factors when treating bed bugs. Many active ingredients such as Permethrin will unless sprayed directly onto the insect push them further away from the treated are due to their repellant properties. The residual time of some products will not be long enough to achieve complete control and will need applying over and over again until all the bed bugs are gone.

The biggest no no when treating bed bugs is to use an aerosol, fogger or ULV (Ultra low volume). If a pest controller tells you he will be using a fogger or ULV then run away. All this is likely to achieve is to push the bugs into other rooms to escape the pesticide.

Bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without a blood meal. So simply abandoning the room for a few months will not solve the problem.

What to look for

Unless the pest controller understands the life cycle of the bed bug, their habits and likely harbourage sites it is unlikely that they will be able to achieve complete control. Bed bugs are the one of the most complex pests to deal with and are not something that the average pest controller can successfully deal with.

Why Choose Pestek Pest Control

Before you decide which bed bug control exterminator to call please consider a few points. What qualifications do they hold? Do they hold adequate insurance? Do they regularly control bed bugs?. Many pest controllers lack the knowledge required to control bed bugs and many operate with inadequate level of insurance.

David Etherington - Your Local Pest Control Expert.
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